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Hazzard's Cure: Smoke Iron Plunder: Cassette

by Hazzard's Cure



Pro duplicated cassette with full color artwork, lyric sheet, and your choice of shell color: "Siren's sea of death BLUE" or "Mankind, in his pitiful existence in a meaningless universe, clings, for comfort, to GOLD."

"Hazzard’s Cure manages to glean an absolute fuck ton from multiple metal sub-genres including (but absolutely not limited to) black, stoner, doom, and even sludge metal to create something is very close to the definition of an absolute mind fuck. “Smoke Iron Plunder” is a quick, unrelenting, and diverse album that does not even begin to back off on its unbelievable onslaught." -Head-Banger Review, December 2016

"Hazzard’s Cure deserve all the plaudits they get and sound like a band who should be leading the charge on a new heavy metal sound. All around bands are getting slower and heavier whilst these speed things up to provide much needed balance. Speed doom may be a minute sub-genre at the moment, but given the right set of circumstances could take over from the mainstream American metal that is being peddled about. The scene needs a band like this to kick it up the ass and just maybe Hazzard’s Cure will be the ones to do it." -Echoes And Dust, November 2016

1. Master Of Heathens
2. An Offering
3. Hewn In Sunder
4. No Hope

1. Sirens' Wail
2. War Pipe
3. Gracious Host
4. This Is Hell

Chris Corona: Guitar, Vocals
Leo Buckley: Guitar, Vocals
Shane Bergman: Bass, Vocals
Clint Baechle: Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin Weis
Trakworx, South San Francisco, CA April 2015
Assisted by Avinash Mittur

Cover painting, Hazzard’s Cure Logo: Lukas Krieg
Graphic design: Clint Baechle
©2016 Lummox Records, Old Goat Records, Goat Hell Records

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