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Hazzard's Cure: The Ugly 12" EP

by Hazzard's Cure



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LR-05 / LG-02

1. Terminal Frost
2. The Ugly

1. The Body Amorphous (feat. Laurie Sue Shanaman)

"...The Ugly is primarily concerned with the task of hacking faces to ribbons, but there are a couple moments where the band allows their softer, prettier side to emerge – like a tiny glimpse of a rainbow in a spill of dirty oil." -Last Rites

"There is only one minor criticism here, this EP is way too short! I want more of this! If you were as impressed as I was by Vöhl’s release last year or you’re a fan of blackened, thrashy heavy metal then I recommend you get this in your system right now!" -Echoes And Dust

"They have a lot going for them, and have found a unique way to blend black metal, crust punk, doom, sludge, and stoner metal all into one weird and sinister concoction." (8/10) -Doomantia

"Hazzard's Cure have embraced this fascination with the grotesque and mutation of the flesh and the horror that carries as a new direction to go with their sound. A lot of this same expression of carnal frailty can definitely heard in the musicianship as well." -Metal Temple

"...fast, rumbling black-metal sections collide headlong with swaggering sludgy sections coated in filth and Eyehategod style bile and spit, or slightly less jagged, brain-warming stoner-like sections, which themselves mix in the massive sonic melting pot with almost traditional sounding parts..." -Heavy Metal Spotlight

"Ultimately, the band stands as a shining example of the great Bay Area bands that keep one eye towards unexplored musical terrain, and the other on the classic sounds perfected by the masters. The Ugly is an immediate studio representative of that idea- three tracks of thrashy, raw, kick-ass heavy metal with a little help from a titan of the scene." -Metal Assault

Released 23 December 2013

Shane Bergman-Bass
Leo Buckley-Guitar
Chris Corona-Guitar/Vocals
Clint Baechle-Drums
Laurie Shanaman-Vocals on The Body Amorphous, and backup vocals on Terminal Frost

Terminal Frost: music and lyrics-Corona
The Ugly: music-Hazzard's Cure, lyrics-Corona
A Body Amorphous: music-Corona, lyrics-Shanaman
Recorded July 13-14, 2013
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Justin Weis
at Trakworx Studio in South San Francisco, CA
Album art and Logo by Lucas Krieg