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Hazzard's Cure / Walken

by Hazzard's Cure and Walken


Two ripping new tracks, each from the respective new Walken album, and the forthcoming new Hazzard's Cure album!

Leo Buckley- Guitar, Vocals
Chris Corona- Guitar
Shane Bergman- Bass Guitar
Clint Baechle- Drums
Artwork and band logo: Lukas Krieg
Lummox Logo: Bryce Shelton
Graphic design: Clint Baechle
Recorded, kixed and mastetred by Justin Weis at Trakworx, April 2015
Contact: hazzardscure@gmail.com
Lummox Records
4123 Broadway 441
Oakland, CA 94611

Shane Bergman- Bass and Vocals
Max Doyle- Guitar
Zack Farwell- Drums
Sean Kohler- Guitar
Artwork: Alejandro Larin Baranda
Band logo: Christpohe Szpajdel
Old Goat logo: Lukas Kreig
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx, May 2015
Contact- walken415@gmail.com
Old Goat Records
482 40th st Apt#1
Oakland CA 94609

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