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Hotblack Desiato: s/t CD

by Hotblack Desiato

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The first Lummox release! Back in 2004, Hotblack Desiato, which included Clint Baechle (future Orb Of Confusion, Hazzard's Cure and Owl), Leo Buckley (Future Orb Of Confusion, Hazzard's Cure and Badr Vogu) and Bryce Shelton (future Badr Vogu and Nick Turner's Space Ritual), recorded this album for free at a recording school in Emeryville, CA. 500 CDs were pressed, and the booklets were all cut and inserted by hand. A few copies still kicking around the Lummox office. Please help me clear out this mess!

"This was our first album. It was recorded by Matt Koshak and Tim Zebal at Expressions Center For New Media in Emeryville, CA in May 2004. We recorded all the instrument tracks live and added the vocals the next day. I think we still have some of the handmade CD versions of this lying around, so if anyone is interested in one let us know. The inside the CD cover photo of the amplifier stack was taken in our backyard by Clint. Our whole band lived together there on Shattuck Ave. in Oakland with this drugged out hippie wizard guy named Bliss who never left the house. There are things I would change with the recording if I could go back in time, but now it just reminds me of a really good time. I love it, warts and all."
-Bruce (Guitar, Vocals)

"First album? Only album! Only released album! For those who don't know, Ex'pressions (don't forget that pretentious-ass apostrophe!) is a media school, and they record bands for free. That's how we got this done. The tape machine was from a studio in Florida that had been used to record Derek and The Dominoes and Foreigner in the 70's. There are some inconsistencies in the mix that really bother me and some other problems that I wish could have been fixed, but whatever. I get really nostalgic when I hear this recording. 500 CDs were pressed and released on our own imprint, Lummox Records. The front cover photo was taken by Kevin Repp." -Clint (Drums, Vocals)

Bruce Bowman: Guitar/Vocals
Leo Buckley: Guitar
Bryce Shelton: Bass Guitar
Clint Baechle: Drums/Vocals

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