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Orb Of Confusion: 誰も動こうとしなぃ。CD EP

by Orb Of Confusion

$5.00 / On Sale

ORB OF CONFUSION: "Nobody Move!" Rehearsal Recordings CD

Some demo tracks and some new practice space recordings in a professionally packaged CD. Includes the insane bonus track 誰も動こうとしなぃ。(Remix)! If you are not fucked up, it will make you feel like you are!

Chris Corona: Guitar/Vocals
Laurie Safdie: Bass Guitar/Vocals
Leo Buckley: Guitar/Vocals
Clint Baechle: Drums/Vocals

1. 誰も動こうとしなぃ。

2.Culture Of The Vulture

3. Sober The Sasquatch

4. In The Realm Of The Dazed And Confused

5. 誰も動こうとしなぃ。(Remix)