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Orb Of Confusion: s/t CD

by Orb Of Confusion

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The second Lummox release! After the breakup of Hotblack Desiato in 2006, Clint and Leo decided to solider on and recruit Chris Corona (Floating Goat) and Laurie Safdie (a transplant from Brooklyn) to form Orb Of Confusion, and band that would mostly bypass the lumbering goofiness of the previous band and delve into more complex structures and rhythms. After a demo and a EP, the album was recorded in 2008, but not released, until after the band broke up. It was finally released on CD as Lummox Records number 2, for the reunion shows on August 13 and 14, 2011. Many of the building blocks that would come to define Hazzard's Cure are present here, including the speed, complexity and and epic song structures.

Chris Corona: Guitar/Vocals
Laurie Safdie: Bass Guitar/Vocals
Leo Buckley: Guitar/Vocals
Clint Baechle: Drums/Vocals

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