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Owl: Screech Cassette

by Owl


SERIOUSLY. DON'T BUY THIS. Why are you buying this crappy cassette version when we put every drop of blood sweat and tears into creating a fantastic GATEFOLD 12" ALBUM? With cosmically fantastic artwork by Adam Burke? With a massive photo collage inner gatefold? With a 12 page lyric booklet, hand illustrated and designed by the band? Why the fuck would you buy the tape?


"Owl really begins to hit their stride here in these eight mystical, bombastic tracks! Moving beyond the trope of the mere psychedelic proto-metal that defined their first album, Screech takes the listener on a journey from the California coast, to the River Styx, and through many danger enclosed spaces in between! Tastes of NWOBHM, heavy blues, prog punk and delicately creepy instrumentals, sure to please every palate, that is if you have an appetite for HEAVY ROCK!"


Side One
1. Remover
2. Devil's Lake & Whiskey Town
3. Spiders Of Mirkwood
4. Cave Of Whispers

Side Two
1. Atlantean Key
2. Chromatose
3. Immaculate Misconception
4. Stygian Ark

The new album is finally out! Available immediately as a digital download from Lummox Records and Cassette from Stop Go Destroy Tapes! Coming soon on vinyl from Haardvark Records in Holland!